Thursday, December 31, 2009


Our trip to Omaha, for better or for worse, was definitely "snowing in" (inside the hotel ). When was possible, we had great time with our "kids."

The good thing was "we had our son as guest in the same hotel", so, we could spent some (more) time with him and his wife.

My husband, in one of Old Market stores, surprised me with a fox leg warmer! After I saw the price, I almost killed him! (Us$ 155,00) - Kurt, awake! We live in California!!!!! The broadcast news could be called "Killed on Christmas".....(kkkkkkk)

Snowing or not, "The Stoplight was always there!"Unchangeable"!

The most view scenes

Treasures Moments

Walmart tour for Christmas gifts with Emma and Jason

First date with Emilie Marie

Our friends at Church (Folks' Family)
Jeremy Folks  recently arrived from Afghanistan and was so busy with his callings and friends at the Church.
Missed his picture. Welcome back, Jeremy!

Getting together where was possible!


A mix with American and Danish food
I just need be at least 30 years younger to handle that guy!!!!!

My first check in at the hotel when I arrive is  to look at the bathroom.
Look this of Magnolia Hotel!


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