Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Primary Five, by Jolly Jen

This is just an idea to help keep reverence.

When things are getting irreverent, say, “Primary Five”

then begin counting to five. By the time you get to five,

the children should be reverent again. It really does work!!!

The 5 things that need to happen:

Finger 1: Eyes – all eyes on the speaker

Finger 2: Mouth - all mouths closed

Finger 3: Ears - all ears listening

Finger 4: Feet – all feet together and still

Finger 5: Arms - all arms folded

Of course, you will have to teach this to the children,

but it is lots of fun! When you say, "Primary 5",

the sound stops and the children should be doing the five things.

To serve as a reminder, you could have a glove and make parts to go on each finger, make a poster, or a visual aids (see the sample above).

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  1. LOVE this idea. I think I'll make the glove, since I always like to use visuals.... Thanks so much for your ideas.


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