Wednesday, March 10, 2010

YW12 - Father's Blesings / Bençãos Paternas

Blogs, blogs, blogs! This is what is up now! I love that new way we can be in touch through the resources for "sharing, teaching and preaching the Gospel". In my opinion I can use, also, the words "missionary work", to unify what is happening now between us.
I had discovered one new blog that fits exactly in my style: Latter-Day Chatter, created by Jess. She has lots of things there. From now, I'll help her with Portuguese (from Brazil) translation for Young Women Aids and others.
As an introduction how great she is, you can download her Young Women2 handouts in English and Portuguese (new) starting with # 12 - Bençãos Paternas ,visiting her blog.
You, my Brazilian friend, let us know if you need something in special to require, just e-mail me or her and I'm sure Jess will do a wonderful job as well.

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