Saturday, October 9, 2010

Relief Society Sharing Ideas # 2

In each table of the Relief Society dinner's day had a beautiful centerpiece.

Lunch bag, pencil wrapped with flower on top (to hold the pencils were used beans). 
Cute, cheap and practical!


  1. Hi DiDi, guess what? I made all of the center-pieces. My creative juices were flowing! I am glad you liked them. Yes, simple, practical and they did turn out cute!

  2. Sister Hansen,
    I did know that! Many thanks for this! If you have more ideas for Christmas, please, share with us! We are lacking for new ideas!.... I miss you today at the funeral!(?!?)
    Love always, Didi

  3. Dwight and I were at the funeral but we did not stay for the luncheon. Very nice funeral ... Lora Kay's boys were awesome!


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