Monday, March 28, 2011

Reviewing Mormon Manners

The LDS Living Magazine recently had pointed regular basis situation in the Church which are considered "bad manners", doesn't matter what are your social condition. 
The rules for the minimum etiquette are still on.  Talking about Mormon Maners, what do you think about:
  • Electronics at Church
  • Leaving Meetings Early
  • “Family Pews” and Saving Seats
  • Strong perfumes and colognes
  • Living dirty diapers inside the Church buildings
  • Doing "business" 
  • and many, many  others that you can add to this list?
One event here - another event there - Where are your manners?

They really aren't that hard to uphold you know, and a dose of good manners in your system ensures respect from others.
Many of us need a reminder. It is so sad these days that children and adults alike are severely lacking in this department. It is just rude to not have good manners, it makes people look down on you as well.
Courtesy, politeness or Good Manners means kindly and thoughtful consideration for others.

"Correct etiquette not only ensures that a meal will be pleasant or a wedding will run smoothly, it can also make or break a career".



  1. I am 38 years old and as a convert of 11 years I have to honestly say that "church manners" have gone down the tubes! I have personally witnessed: parents having full on conversations with each other during talks, kids who will scream and cry and are not taken out (while the rest of us try to hear what is being said), dads and kids playing video games, clipping finger nails, saving complete rows for late comers (so very Christ-like to tell someone NO they can’t sit there. Would Christ tell a family of six to sit somewhere else? This is so funny to me, telling some family IN CHURCH mind you NO! How are they outside of Church?), coloring in hymn books and leaving slobbery food all over the seats -- and the worst is the kids running up and down the halls turning lights on and off --ugh. If my non-Mormon family came and saw this going on all the while someone was up speaking, there would not be a chance in heaven they would convert. For this reason, I have NEVER invited them. I have taught my kids that this is the House of the Lord and it should be treated that way. Shame on the parents who do this and let their kids behave this way :) Sometimes the truth hurts.


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