Monday, April 25, 2011

First Presidency Easter Message

Today I went to a hospital, visit my husband's friend who lately is struggling with his wife's disease.When I  was noticed I need to do that, I though what could be good to delivery as a comfort and hopeful message in the Easter time and condition. I decided, then, to give a message by the First Presidency, that came in the Church News last Saturday  But, how I can introduce the Prophet's words in a short time? I  made a little card that explains itself that Jesus Lives and He is our hope and share that, as Pres, Eyring said, we need "Trust in God, then Go and Do".

Because "Easter" is everyday,  you can use the card anytime, the download link is here

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  1. Bom dia Didi! Minha irmã está servindo como presidente da Sociedade de Socorro da Ala Parati - Estaca Marília, SP e gostaria de pedir sua ajuda para divulgar o blog e obrigada!! =)



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