Saturday, June 30, 2012

Relief Society/Mother Education - Lessons handout (Chapter 1)

From leaders of Relief Society, "Mother Education / Educação Materna / Educación Materna" is an optional addition to Relief Society meetings, classes and visiting teaching. It says:

“The word motherhood defines women’s eternal roles; it describes their nature as nurturers” (Daughters in My Kingdom [2011], 156). The lessons below teach timeless principles that will help strengthen women in their responsibilities with families at home. 
The lessons can also be used: 
  •  For Sunday Relief Society meetings.
  •  For teaching sisters at additional Relief Society meetings. 
  • In visiting teaching."
According to this, I will share with you some cards with the main scripture of each lesson.(English, Portuguese and Spanish)

Remember Me: Relief Society Study Guide 1
Lembrai-vos de Mim: Guia de Estudo Pessoal da Sociedade de Socorro 1
Acordaos de Mí: Guía de estudio personal de la Sociedad de Socorro 1


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