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Magnify Your Calling in Primary by “Discovering” the Approved Resources Available to You!

This is an older post, but all-time useful

  • “Discover the promises of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the scriptures. 
Encourage the children to bring their scriptures to Primary, and then provide many opportunities for them to use them as you teach gospel principles.

  • “Discover” what’s in the Friend magazine every month!
The Friend contains articles, features, the sharing time page, sharing time ideas, things to make and do, music, and many more age-appropriate activities to help children apply gospel principles in their lives.  Find the Friend on the Church website or in your mailbox!

  • “Discover” gospel truths in the Outline for Sharing Time and the Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation.
The monthly theme and scripture, weekly gospel principles, music, and sharing time ideas can assist you in planning meaningful learning activities for children.  It is also the outline for your sacrament meeting presentation.

  • “Discover” the faith-promoting stories and age-appropriate activities found in the Primary manuals that can help children apply gospel principles in their lives.
Primary manuals provide an excellent resource for teachers and leaders.  The section at the beginning of each manual entitled “Helps for the Teacher” will help you know how to engage children in learning.  Discover sharing time ideas in the other manuals and picture packets.

  • “Discover” the many ways you can use the Faith in God guidebooks when teaching gospel principles.
The activity sections in the Faith in God guidebooks are “Learning and Living the Gospel,” “Serving Others,” “Developing Talents,” “Preparing for Young Women,” and “Preparing for the Priesthood.”  What part of the guidebooks would you use to teach baptism or to teach prayer?  Discover other ideas that are available.

  • “Discover” the many wonderful visual aids there are from the Gospel Art Picture Kit (34730) to teach gospel principles and scripture stories to children.
The categories of pictures found in the Gospel Art Picture Kit are “Old Testament,” “New Testament,” “Book of Mormon,” “Church History,” “General” (Temples, Presidents of the Church, and so forth_, and “Gospel in Action.”

  • “Discover” how you can spark a child’s interest and teach a gospel principle in your sharing time by showing a clip from a Church video or DVD.
Videos are a wonderful resource in teaching gospel principles to children in sharing times.  You should be able to locate these videos or DVDs in your ward or branch libraries.  Some examples of these Church videos and DVDs that can be used in your sharing time are:  January – “Using the Scriptures,” Family Home Evening Video Supplement (53276); February – Chapter 1, Bible Stories for Children, vol. 1 (53023); May – “Jesus Teaches the Nephites,” Chapter 6, Book of Mormon Stories, (53556); June – “Ten Commandments,” Bible Stories for Children, vol. 1 (53023).

  • “Discover” how a mouse can take you to the wonderful world of Primary.  The Church website is a wonderful resource and is only a click away.
Go to, click “Serving in the Church,” and click “Primary.”  WOW!  It’s the wonderful world of Primary, right there on the screen in front of you.  What a discovery!

  • “Discover” exciting Church-produced scripture stories for children that will help children feel the Spirit and promote testimony growth.
Scripture stories are an excellent resource that teachers can apply to every lesson.  Children will grow spiritually as they bring exciting personages to life from Old Testament Stories (31118), New Testament Stories (31119), Book of Mormon Stories (35666), and Doctrine and Covenant Stories (31122).

  • “Discover” the resource guide Teaching, No Greater Call to help teachers and parents alike develop skills to teach gospel principles to children and help them live what they learn.
As you follow the way and example of our Savior and teacher Jesus Christ, you will teach with the power of the word and will nourish their souls.  You will also find many different methods to teach the gospel in Part F, entitled “Methods of Teaching.”

  • “Discover” how the Family Home Evening Resource Book (31106) provides ideas and lessons for teachers and parents to help the children understand and apply gospel principles.
Discover fun ideas for gospel-centered activities of different age groups.  Also, discover the blessings in your life and the lives of those you teach for being obedient to the counsel from the leaders of the Church by using Church-produced resources.

  • “Discover” the joy of singing as you use the Children’s Songbook to teach children gospel principles through song.  “Sing unto the Lord, all the earth” (1 Chronicles 16:23).
Occasionally, take time to read the section “Using the Songbook,” found on page 300 of the Children’s Songbook.  This section can provide great help for music leaders, as well as parents, in teaching children the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.  Remember that our sacred hymns can also be used in Primary to teach gospel principles.

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