Sunday, June 2, 2013

Youth - Pioneer Trek - Bonnet pattern and Committee Meeting invitation card

Youth from all over the world participate in a Pioneer Trek event. These annual program are typically  open to all youth aged 14 to 18, and are designed to provide a growing experience for all who participate. 

Most handcart treks involve dressing in Pioneer style clothing, eating food prepared and cooked the old fashioned way, and sleeping under the stars along the trail.   These events provide an opportunity for the youth to experience a small taste of pioneer life as they work hard to cook meals, push handcarts and build fires without modern day conveniences.

Easy Bonnet pattern:

Click to enlarge or download here

Goals of Pioneer Treks usually include: inviting the spirit, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, increasing personal testimonies, and building on the love and unity among youth  within Stakes.

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