Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Visiting Teaching Message Handout Ensign February 09

Understand the Divine Roles of Women

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Visiting Teaching Message Handout Ensign, January 09


Friday, January 9, 2009

Come to Relief Society!

Relief Society is an organization of divine origin.
Everyone is welcome in Relief Society. There is no one kind of acceptable Latter-day Saint woman. It matters not where you come from, what your weaknesses are, what you look like—you belong here! The Lord loves you—each of you, collectively and individually. We are not ordinary women. We are women of the covenant, women who have recognized the truth, accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ, and made covenants with the Lord to follow Him and do His will. And He needs us—each one of us—to do our part in bringing to pass His great latter-day work among the children of men. We need Relief Society, and Relief Society needs us.
Sisters, as we consider the programs of the Relief Society, may we allow them to be a defense, a refuge from the storm for us and for others.
As President Packer has said, “Strong Relief Societies carry a powerful immunizing and healing influence for the mothers and the daughters, for the single parent, for the single sisters, for the aging, for the infirm.”

Allow it to bless your life as Heavenly Father intended it to.