Friday, September 11, 2009

....messages from Relief Society

by Donna Suchoski, 4th Ward RS Secretary

Dear Sisters,

We have been asked to help with the Stake Building Clean up. It is THIS Saturday, Sept. 12th from 9am - Noon. This clean up on Saturday is not just your normal weekly routine. It's a yearly cleansing. All wards will be cleaning their buildings thoroughly. It's part of our new responsibilities. You may want to bring a vacuum cleaner, hand held vacuum for benches, or any spot cleaner you may have. Remember....many hands will mean less work. The more we have there, the faster the job will go. See you there!!

Below are our areas of responsibility.

Ladies Restroom:
Replace if needed paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap
RS 4th
Women only
Check for plugged Toilets: unplug with plunger as needed

RS 4th Ward
Vacuum all carpets
Pick up any paper, programs, trash, food
Wipe off sacrament table
Wipe off counter tops in sacrament prep room
Wash bread sacrament trays in sacrament prep room
Empty trash in trash can in sacrament prep room
Place hymn books is racks in pews and book racks
Orderly place chairs in back rows if needed
Vacuum and spot clean upholstered benches and furniture
Check level of hand cleaner on side of Sacrament table

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