Monday, November 23, 2009


"When we truly understand how great a blessing the gospel of Jesus Christ is in our lives, when we accept and embrace these eternal truths and allow them to sink deep into our hearts and souls, we experience a "mighty change" (Alma 5:14) .. We are filled with love and gratitude. As the prophet Alma wrote, we feel "to sing the song of redeeming love" (Alma 5:26) to all who will hear it."    -- Elder M. Russell Ballard, Ensign, May 2006, p. 84

"Gratitude may be increased by constantly reflecting on our blessings and giving thanks for them in our daily prayers... "A constant expression of gratitude should be included in all our prayers. Often prayers are given for specific blessings which we, in our incomplete understanding, believe we need. While the Lord does answer prayers according to His will, He certainly must be pleased when we offer humble prayers of gratitude."
    -- Elder Steven E. Snow, Ensign, November 2001, p. 43

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