Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Church is adding helping the poor to its "threefold mission"

Maybe you already know:

"The LDS Church is adding "to care for the poor and needy" to its longstanding "threefold mission," which is to preach the LDS gospel, purify members' lives and provide saving ordinances such as baptism to those who have died. read more here...

The change will be made in a new Church Handbook of Instructions, to be released next year, which will refer to them as "the purpose of the Church" instead of missions.
The change became public over the weekend during an adult session of an LDS stake conference in Holladay, where Bishop Richard C. Edgley, a counselor in the LDS Presiding Bishopric, spoke of the revision at the prodding of the stake president.

You can read the remarks of Caring for the Poor and Needy by President Marion G. Romney, in the Ensign, Jan 1973, 97

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