Monday, December 7, 2009


About half of all Americans do at least some shopping online. While buying via the Internet beats fighting the mall crowd, it also carries the risk of identity theft and fraud. Credit cards are always listed on saving tips as a big no no, but the reality is, most of us use them for big purchases. They also come in handy when shopping online. The trick to using credit cards so that you get something back is:
  • Pay off the balance every month.
  • Find credit cards that do not charge annual fees.
  • Use credit cards that offer a perk for purchases that you charge on them, such as, free gas or travel miles. 
Online shopping options offer credit card safety. Avoid credit card fraud dangers, and keeping an active eye on your credit card account online can alert you very quickly to any fraud.  Experts recommend going online to look for unauthorized charges that may be a sign of identity theft, which is a much more serious problem than credit card fraud. 


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