Monday, January 4, 2010

Primary 101 Quiz for Leaders

This is a quiz. You will not be graded. However, if you answer *'d questions incorrectly, imagine me taking a rubber band and flicking your arm with it... repeatedly.

*1. It's Sacrament Meeting and a primary child is sitting behind you. Do you...
A. Ignore the child
B. Say Hello and smile at the child
C. Pretend the child isn't there
D. Why would I notice a child behind me?

2. I don't know all the names of the Primary children yet. What do I do?

A. Learn the names quickly
B. Use phrases like "I'll call on my beautiful friend in the pink polka dot dress or I'll call on my handsome future missionary friend with the really awesome blue striped tie."
C. Don't sweat it. The children won't even remember in 5 years.
D. Both A and B

3. Do I need to know the songs the children are learning if I'm in the Primary Presidency?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe So

4. Where should I sit during Primary if I'm in the Presidency?

A. In the back, far away from the children with other adults
B. By the Pianist, after all, you don't want her to get lonely
C. Right smack dab in the middle of the action with the kiddos
D. Did I need to be in the Primary room during Primary?

5. I'm the Primary Pianist, how often should I sit by the piano?

A. Always
B. When I need to play, otherwise I can sit by children too
C. When I need to play, otherwise I can sit in the back and talk to adults

6. The children are talking while I'm talking and don't seem to be paying attention. I should...

A. Give up and cry, and then go home and cry some more
B. Just keep on going with the lesson
C. Pretend I'm on a beach with luscious pineapple juice listening to the calming waves, zone out and let them (as in the Primary children) do their own thing
D. Wait... and wait... and wait... until they look up... what's 15 minutes of waiting?
E. Have them do a 10 second motion activity to redirect their attention like "Get out your pencils please! (Taking your finger) Let's write in the air, I'm getting all my wiggles out. And sign your name... S-O-F-I-A! Great job, pencils down but hands up if you can answer my next question..."

*7. I should prepare my lesson...
A. At least a week in advance
B. 2 nights before
C. When it comes to me it comes to me

8. Sharing Time lessons should be...
A. Cute
B. Fun
C. Very calm
D. Engaging

9. I'm teaching a lesson, but it's a little hard to hear because the adults are talking. I should...
A. Ask the adults to please show respect and reverence during your lesson and promise you'll do the same for them. After all, how can you expect that of the children if the adults aren't being good examples?
B. Flick them with a rubber band afterwards
C. Why worry about it! End the lesson early and go get the scoop on the latest news.
D. Bang fist on the wall and yell, "You guys are being real pills! Shut it! NOW!!!!" Good thing those anger management classes are working out.

*10. Primary should be a place where children AND adults...
A. Learn about Christ
B. Feel the Spirit
C. Enjoy themselves and Feel Safe
D. All of the above

You can grade yourself by the answers, 
visiting  Sofia's Primary Ideas blogspot.

Thanks, Sofia, this is great!

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