Friday, January 22, 2010

Pros and Cons: All about Heels

I love high heel shoes.But when, what kind is better for me, for you?

Heels are capable of wonderful feats, like making you three inches taller and slimming your legs and allowing too-long pants to fit perfectly. Here’s a more specific breakdown of different types of heels and their pros and cons:
Kitten Heel
Pros: Cute and dainty
Cons: Can make legs look distinctly un-dainty by comparison

Wedge Heel
Pros: Funky, fashionable, and usually more comfortable than regular heels

Cons: Can be weighty and cumbersome

Low Heel (1 inch or lower)
Pros: Comfortable and reasonable
Cons: Can look, hmm—how do I put this?—comfortable and reasonable

Mid-Height Heel (1 1/2–2 1/2 inches)
Pros: Comfortable and flattering
Cons: Many mid-height shoe styles are sort of boring

High Heel (3 inches or higher)
Pros: Glamorous and fashion forward
Cons: Can be painful

Stiletto Heel
Pros: Sexy, can be used as a weapon if necessary
Cons: A pencil-width heel supporting your entire body mass is not going to be

Super–High Heel (5 inches or higher)
Pros: Umm . . . they make you five inches taller?
Cons: Chances of tripping and breaking your ankle: 95 percent

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