Monday, February 15, 2010

Have you tried our recipe for bolinho de chuva?

Bolinho de chuva is traditional all over Brazil. It is served for breakfast or tea time. The recipe is for the sweet version. You can also make a salty bolinho de chuva by replacing the sugar with one teaspoon of salt and some chopped green onions.
Either way, sweet or salty they are delicious. When you deep fry them they get some crunchy peaks that are fun to eat. Bolinho de chuva means “donut of rain”. And they are best when fresh. So, if you want them for breakfast, prepare them in the same day, they are easy to do. You can have your Brazilian donuts done in about 30 minutes.

All missionaries who served mission in Brazil (specially in Minas Gerais Region) can testify about it! Download the recipe here.

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