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I Know the Scriptures Are True - Tips for Leaders

1998  (in Portuguese)


Many of us know that the 2011 Outline for Sharing Time has the same name of the 1998: "I Know the Scriptures are True"

The monthly theme and scriptures are not the same, but  still has lots of ideas that we can use for the next year.

Also, in 2005, in Salt Lake City, we had a Workshop with the same title "I Know The Scriptures Are True". The article is an excellent resource to introduce the 2011 theme for Primary Leaders.

- Primary 2005 March Board Workshop References
It was divided in three parts to be focused on. Following those guidelines, we'll be able to teach our little children with more confidence.
1. I know (our own testimony)
2. I know the scriptures (help children know the scriptures)
3. I Know the scriptures are true (we and children - to gain testimony of what we are teaching is true)

2005 Primary General President Message - article
"Anchored in the Scriptures" / "Aferrada a las Escrituras" / "Ancoradas nas Escrituras"

- 1998 Monthly Sharing Time
In the Sugardoodle site, you can find all 1998 Sharing Time from the Friend Magazine (thanks Melanie, for your free love and kindness) - (linked here). or here  (from

The  full article "Primary 2005 March Board Workshop References" you can read here.

Copies of the "Program Book" are used mailed to Priesthood leaders in June before the year, and latter available through the online Church Distribution Center and your local distribution center.

For my followers who has difficult to access it, download here a copy of the message; send me an e-mail with your address, then I'll send by mail a copy of the 1998 Outline Sharing Time to you as I use to.

2011 Outline for Sharing Time (from my copy), you can download here

Hope I could help you!

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