Sunday, October 24, 2010

A History of Relief Society

In the last Relief Society meeting (September 25, 2010), Sister Julie B. Beck announced that a history of Relief Society will be published in 2011.

An exact date has not been determined for the release of this history. In the meantime, updates and additional information will be available on the Relief Society site of and on the visiting teaching message page of the Liahona and Ensign, where you will find excerpts from the history of Relief Society

Sister Beck said, “...... For this reason, the Relief Society general presidency encourages you to record what is happening in your life. Though you might not feel that you are making history, sisters around the world can learn from you and your personal experiences........." Consider recording:

Visiting teaching experiences.
How faith and personal righteousness is being increased.
How homes and families are being strengthened.
How the poor and needy are being sought out and blessed.

I think will be good if I have a journal to record my experiences, learning and feelings about it, separately of my regular journal.

Also, it is a suggestion for Christmas souvenir for sisters. Resize the cover, first page and back cover , buy a $1 notebook; cheap, easy and useful. Each sister in your ward will love it. Use your imagination and creativity!

It was used  Holley Williamson's scrap
download here

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