Sunday, November 28, 2010

YW 2011 Some Stationaries

 "A Welcome to 2011 Young Women Program"
I had made this notebook for my sister in law. She asked me  a "Notebook/Binder" for the girls. Her Brunch is small and few girls. She'll give the binder with the basics introduction to the Young Women Program in 2011. Also, she asked a "Cover" for sheet musics and a envelope for received handouts according the values.
I'm still working in the "Girl's Camp" pages.

I used scrap by "Hot Pink Pansy"
Thanks for your patience waiting  for all requests. Many things are going on... but we will be there!
Love and enjouy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Night Before Christmas!

" The stockings were hung
            by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas
     soon would be there:"

Make all Nights Before Christmas be true for your family, friends, visiting teaching sisters, neighbor, friends, mailman, bank teller, just giving to them your
Bake a batch of cookies and wrap them up in felt to give away. Tie the ends with ribbon, then cut the extra fabric into strips. Or glue ribbon in a spiral around the package and add a metal tag dressed up with scrapbooking supplies.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Christmas Activities Ideas

Some ideas to use in your family Christmas season! They are 25 slides in different aspects

The Christmas Story Countdown
download here
  1. Print and laminate all
  2. Every morning after family prayer, starting in Dec1st, tell (or ask the children tell about the respective slide). Left them use their imagination and own words
  3. December 25th, before "open presents" reconstitute the story by sorting the slides among family members.

The Christmas Story Mini Book
Download here
  1. Create a mini-book for bedtime story

I'll Find You My Friend"

"I'll Find You My Friend", a Copyright 1979 music by Linda K. Leavitt Hartmann of Mesa, AZ was the song Elder Hamphrey had sung for me in his visit with his family. Last time I heard him it was in his farewell with the music only in English, Spanish and Japanese language translation. Listen it!

Missionaries to Dinner Calendar Assignment!

It is time to feed missionaries.
I was visited by one friend ex-missionary who knew me in Brazil many years ago. He brought me, as souvenir, a "compiled memory book" with all things, help, advices and feelings he wrote about me and my mother and expressing his love for us. 
What caught my attention was that he had all 24 copies of the dinner calendar while serving his mission 12 years ago. He told  me he felt part of my and all open-doors homes he went to and  confessed we did not realize how "small and simple things" can make great impact in the full time missionary's time. We exchanged testimonies, memories and better than that, our confirmation that the Plan of Happiness is a sacred plan from Heavenly Father to us and is for eternity!.
I thought it is a good idea, if we can, after complete the monthly assignments "missionaries to dinner" calendar, we take 2 copies and give to them. For sure new ideas will coming up! 
This is our chance to welcome the local full-time missionaries and exchange the blessings from this.What a great treasure!
Enjoy my sample!

Download here. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Just a Note to say Thank You!

First of all, I would like to say "Thank you"  for all  "Happy Birthday wishes" I got yesterday.
It was so nice of you! I reached one more year of experience! I don't know what's going to happen from now, but I'm feeling very good  despite my cancer problem!
No one of us knows what the future holds, but reaching our potential as a human being is more than an ideal. It is the ultimate goal!
It's a lot easier putting on a wig and getting a new outfit,  as I'm doing month's cover."Rocks unattended turn into mounds, and them mountains" (as Oprah said).
The real ideal: Whose life did you touch? Who did you love, and who love you back? Life is an open door to all that is possible. And that's a powerful thing - gave to us by the Atonement of Jesus Christ and also, because of the Heavenly Father's love for us.
Thanks again for letting myself be a part of your world and, for sure, what matters: one more year of a daily transformation of consciousness that allows me to know that I am no better or worse than any other being. That I simply am.

With love,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Visiting Teaching

Help Needed to Replace Jen's Melted Piano after Arson Fire

Many of us  and Utah's residents know Jason Tonioli, pianist, member of LDS Church (link below). Her sister, Jennifer needs our help.
Here is the story:
"I’m not sure how many of you know this, but my sister Jennifer was on the TV news this past Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Tuesday, someone broke into their home and was trying to steal their TV.  Jen’s husband was working in the basement at the time, heard someone above him and came upstairs to find a hooded man bent over their TV unplugging the chords.  He startled the guy which then got up to run away, Reed took a shovel and knocked him across the head, leaving a dent in the shovel.  The bad guy got away though.  News crews spent the day at their home and everyone thought things would get back to normal. 
 The next morning at 7:30 A.M. Reed was working in the backyard and smelled smoke.  He headed towards the house and saw that the smoke was coming from their living room.  Once the fire was put out, authorities found that someone had thrown an object through the front window with accelerants that started the fire. They think the burglar came back to get revenge.  The house is a complete loss.Here’s a few links to the story about their home:
Jen and Reed basically lost everything.  Even though part of the house only had smoke damage, the smoke has ruined everything.  Very few of their clothes were even salvageable.
Jen and Reed have been married 3 months.  They did have renters insurance and they thought that would cover most everything.  As they spent today going through and itemizing things for the insurance, they’ve realized that they won’t be able to afford to replace everything because they’ll hit the max for the policy.
On top of that, Reed her husband has a long history of health problems.  He’s had brain tumors removed in the past and has spent more time in hospitals than any 21 year old I know. Two months ago he started having seizures about once a week.  Jen has taken nearly a half dozen ambulance rides with her husband since being married.  They have an appointment at the Mayo Clinic this Monday in Arizona to hopefully try and find a way to fix the seizures.
One of the things that Jen lost in the fire was her less than one year old piano.  It was beautiful wooden key digital Clavinova piano.  It has severe water damage and was partially melted.
Jen is a great pianist and recently wrote and recorded a song for my newest album Piano Hymns.  She’s not only a great pianist, but she is also my webmaster and graphic designer.  My website and designs for my book covers and CD covers are created by her. ...
...One of the last things Jen created before her piano and computer were melted was this landing page to promote our new CD Piano Hymns:
I want to use the web page she created and the album “Piano Hymns” which she is an artist on to help replace her piano.  I’m going to donate all of the proceeds from sales of the “Piano Hymns” CD to replace Jen’s piano. 
Two ways you can help:1. Please consider purchasing at least one copy of the Piano Hymns CD.  Better yet, buy 10 CD’s to use as Christmas gifts and help me get her a new piano by Thanksgiving!  It will be a gift that she’ll never forget!  Here’s the link to buy CD’s:
2. Please pass this email onto your friends and encourage them to help us replace Jen’s piano.  Post this story on facebook, post it on your blog, myspace or tweet the link.  By forwarding the email and helping spread the word any way you can we'll be able to replace something special that was lost.  Most important of all, she'll realize that people care about her.  Just encourage anyone you know to go to this landing page and purchase the Piano Hymns CD to help us buy a new piano for her:
Thank you in advance for your help and generosity!  I promise to take photos when I take her to the store to buy her new piano.  I'll also let you know when we purchase the piano.
Jason Tonioli"(
It is our time to answer Pres. Monson's question:  Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting - INFORMATION!

On Saturday, November 13, a Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting will be broadcast over the Church satellite system.

  • This will not be available on BYU TV, nor will the training be record for subsequent viewing
If you are one of the leaders requested, make sure you organize yourself to be able to attend this. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Primary December 2010 Calendar


Christmas Craft Ideas

How about December Visit Teaching Message wrapped in an angel?

or a simple "pencil tree" for all sisters?

Christmas! Let's go talk about it!

There are 50 days left until Christmas. Will you be ready? What is your family's plan for Christmas this year?The best way to start to prepare for the holiday season is to create your own Holiday Planner. Whatever you'll do, pick a Christmas Countdown, planner, lists and much, much love.
Planning out activities that help your family put Christ at the center of your Christmas celebration. 
From December 1-25, in small and easy steps "make room for Santa". See you there!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Have Two Little Hands - Correction

I'm sorry! Once more I made a mistake! Could you, please replace the page below, if you already downloaded the flipchart?

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the correct link here

Thanks, Penny for notice me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Visiting Teaching November - handouts ideas

I really loved the Conference talks. Some of them brought tears in my eyes. Some of them make me think where I am now and what I need to do in able to be there...My desire is to share "all" talks with my sisters, but fifteen minutes are not enough to exchange those feelings.So, I decided bring an Ensign with the handouts sticked on respective talks, plus a thank you card, expressing my gratitude for the opportunity  I had along the year that  she opened her door and her arms for me. Some of my handouts:
Because of Your Faith
Come Unto Me
Judge Not
The Three Rs of Choice
Stay on the Path
Till We Meet Again

Teaching for Our Times - 4th Sundays - Reminder

The Ensign November 2010 has a reminder about Lesson Materials to use in the 4th Sundays as you can see below:

  From November 2010 till April 2011 - Talks published in the November 2010 Ensign
  From May 2011 till  October 2011 - Talks published in the May 2011 Ensign                      
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