Monday, November 22, 2010

Missionaries to Dinner Calendar Assignment!

It is time to feed missionaries.
I was visited by one friend ex-missionary who knew me in Brazil many years ago. He brought me, as souvenir, a "compiled memory book" with all things, help, advices and feelings he wrote about me and my mother and expressing his love for us. 
What caught my attention was that he had all 24 copies of the dinner calendar while serving his mission 12 years ago. He told  me he felt part of my and all open-doors homes he went to and  confessed we did not realize how "small and simple things" can make great impact in the full time missionary's time. We exchanged testimonies, memories and better than that, our confirmation that the Plan of Happiness is a sacred plan from Heavenly Father to us and is for eternity!.
I thought it is a good idea, if we can, after complete the monthly assignments "missionaries to dinner" calendar, we take 2 copies and give to them. For sure new ideas will coming up! 
This is our chance to welcome the local full-time missionaries and exchange the blessings from this.What a great treasure!
Enjoy my sample!

Download here. 

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