Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Visiting Teaching November - handouts ideas

I really loved the Conference talks. Some of them brought tears in my eyes. Some of them make me think where I am now and what I need to do in able to be there...My desire is to share "all" talks with my sisters, but fifteen minutes are not enough to exchange those feelings.So, I decided bring an Ensign with the handouts sticked on respective talks, plus a thank you card, expressing my gratitude for the opportunity  I had along the year that  she opened her door and her arms for me. Some of my handouts:
Because of Your Faith
Come Unto Me
Judge Not
The Three Rs of Choice
Stay on the Path
Till We Meet Again


  1. Can you share what fonts you used on each handout. Thanks I am always looking for great fonts and you used so great ones.

  2. Sure.
    1. Because.. - Bernhard Modern
    2. Judge Not - Title - Cafe Rojo
    Text - Ammys Handwriting
    3. The Three.. - Black Chancery
    4. Come Unto.. - Black Chancery
    5. Till We... - Daves Hand
    6. Stay... - Ambrosia
    You can download it from "Kevin and Amanda" or "1001 free fonts" for free of charge. Those sites are very great. Hope I could help you. Love, Didi


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