Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are you Converted to Relief Society?

 "Many people who leave the church do not leave because they are unhappy with the doctrines. They leave because they feel lonely, hurt and unimportant. The human aspect of church is too often under-rated. President Hinckley had often taught that each new convert needs three things: a friend, an assignment, and spiritual nourishment. However, it is not just the new members who need this; it is all members. We all need friendship, valuable work to do, and nourishment. The church provides opportunities to have all of these, but it is up to the members to carry out the opportunities. While some responsibility falls on the individual member, responsibility is also on the teachers, the leaders and the member’s ward family."(Terrie Lynn Bittner)

I love this! Also, Elder Ballard,  in his book When Thou Art ConvertedContinuing our Searching for Happiness says: "Being a Christian, being spiritually born of God, is not a Sunday-only thing.”
Don't just go to Relief Society; belong to it - get involved, volunteer, make a friend, teach a class and accomplish this sisterhood following the states of Emma Hale Smith, the first president of the Relief Society,  "We are going to do something extraordinary."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

YW19 - Heritage - handout

I was so touched by President Monson's talk in April 2003 "In Search of Treasure". So, my handout was based on that and it is my suggestion for teachers as additional resource for Lesson 19.
In Search of Treasure
A Busca do Tesouro

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The History of Relief Society - May Page


I Am a Child of God - Mormon Messages

Campfire Idea - Recycled Bottle Lantern

I found this project - “Recycled illuminations” here and I think it is a good idea for a Girls Camp project and after be used in the  Campfire Sharing time. It was made with recycle plastic bottle and transformed into colour lanterns.The hands-on time is under 2 hours. You can adapted to your Camp Theme and some modifications can be easily replaced.
And, at the evening,the group gathered around a campfire; each young woman  holds their lantern as they relate their testimonies with the values and as the votive light.
Be creative using the 2011 Theme......"Seek".......
Giving them an open-ended sentence to complete helps focus their thoughts.(Use the words kindness, cheerfulness, compassion, love, etc.)
Some examples:
  • I will walk in faith and with that lantern I'll seek.........
  • What I discovered at the camp was.....
I really love that idea!

Uplifiting Cards

Sharing some thoughts

  • Seek to change yourself, not other people
  • Faith - I am A Child of God
  • Our mind’s garden has positive and negative seeds growing.Weed out the negative ones and water and nurture the positive
  • Love your neighbor as yourself
  • Having a place to go is Home; Having someone to love is Family;Having both is a Blessing
  • People will never remember what you said half as long as they will remember how you made them feel

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'll Try to Be Reverent - Flipchart

Jane, from Brazil had asked some ideia of Reverent Music for the little ones. I just remember my Primary time with "I'll try to be Reverent" - I love it! My flipchart is available below. Enjoy it!

I'll try to be Reverent

Saturday, May 7, 2011

If you don't know what to say... just read this poem!

download here or
click over and "Save As" to your computer

Praise to the Man - Sheet Music by Sister Sharon Austad Bagley

Sister Sharon Austad Bagley has the arrangement for Praise to the Man. Take a look there! Maybe you can find that is better for you to teach Primary children.
I have the sheet music here (with authorization)
bookmark Sister Bagley's page here

Vacaville Stake 2011 Youth Conference

Youth Conference Registration Forms Due May 29th. Turn registration forms in to any Stake Youth Leader.

Primary November Theme


Don't forget your team!

For your Assistants, Secretary, Music Leader, Teachers and friends, don't forget YOUR SPECIAL THANKS!
Last minute "Mother's Day Cards" for you!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day!

It is "Mother's Day" time again! Cards, dinner, gifts......  enough ideas and resources around the internet and other blogs.
My favorites ones (and little different than the traditional card with heart or roses) are those shoes and napkins holders.

Praise to the Man!

For Primary Music Leaders, Aurelia Reese of Illinois  had post a very helpful and impressive resource to teach that song. I'm copying it here, but you can visit her Prezi page and post your appreciation for it or send her an e-mail (aureliareese@rocketmail.com)

(Click over the arrow and wait to full grey color to start)

Aurelia, this is wonderful! And thanks a bunch for it!