Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are you Converted to Relief Society?

 "Many people who leave the church do not leave because they are unhappy with the doctrines. They leave because they feel lonely, hurt and unimportant. The human aspect of church is too often under-rated. President Hinckley had often taught that each new convert needs three things: a friend, an assignment, and spiritual nourishment. However, it is not just the new members who need this; it is all members. We all need friendship, valuable work to do, and nourishment. The church provides opportunities to have all of these, but it is up to the members to carry out the opportunities. While some responsibility falls on the individual member, responsibility is also on the teachers, the leaders and the member’s ward family."(Terrie Lynn Bittner)

I love this! Also, Elder Ballard,  in his book When Thou Art ConvertedContinuing our Searching for Happiness says: "Being a Christian, being spiritually born of God, is not a Sunday-only thing.”
Don't just go to Relief Society; belong to it - get involved, volunteer, make a friend, teach a class and accomplish this sisterhood following the states of Emma Hale Smith, the first president of the Relief Society,  "We are going to do something extraordinary."

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  1. Love this~ Such an important and true message. I know when we have moved to a new ward making friends really is what makes a ward seem more welcoming. But we have to remember the sisters who have been in the ward for quite some time as well.


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