Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Campfire Idea - Recycled Bottle Lantern

I found this project - “Recycled illuminations” here and I think it is a good idea for a Girls Camp project and after be used in the  Campfire Sharing time. It was made with recycle plastic bottle and transformed into colour lanterns.The hands-on time is under 2 hours. You can adapted to your Camp Theme and some modifications can be easily replaced.
And, at the evening,the group gathered around a campfire; each young woman  holds their lantern as they relate their testimonies with the values and as the votive light.
Be creative using the 2011 Theme......"Seek".......
Giving them an open-ended sentence to complete helps focus their thoughts.(Use the words kindness, cheerfulness, compassion, love, etc.)
Some examples:
  • I will walk in faith and with that lantern I'll seek.........
  • What I discovered at the camp was.....
I really love that idea!

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