Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank you for all " Get Well" wishes!

Kidney stones. I got it! - the one of the most painful of the urological disorder. It is normal to listen that kidney stone painful is worst than having a baby..... but I can tell you,  more than this is the $ 100,00 co-payment three times for ER treatment  at Kaiser Permanent in one week! kkkkkkkkkkk
I'm glad it is over; the stone passed out of my body without any intervention by a physician and I'm waiting the lab results.
I would like to say thank you for all mails, callings and e-mails I got. I promise I will respond one by one; just give me a little time to put my house back in track.
Lots things are going on and little by little I'll keep you posted.
Ah, for those who know or have learning about "the Word of the Wisdom", I can testify that would be worst for me if I was not keeping that commandment.  For women, the prevalence of kidney stones peaks in their 50s. Here I am.
A good first step to prevent the formation of any type of stone is to drink plenty of liquids-water and my special advice to you: Life is busy, but takes care yourself, too!
Now, let's go work..... many things also to share with you!
With love,

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