Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Call for Recipes and "Our Recipes" - Christmas Gift Idea

"Our Recipes" - Christmas Gift Idea

Vacaville 4th Ward Recipes

The Relief Society Presidency  of my Ward  collected each Sunday for three months, recipes from sisters. Each month was from  two different types of dishes. We just dropped our best, good and yummy recipes in a basket. At the end of the year, the book, with all our recipes (and our names)  was a Christmas gift at Christmas dinner. It was a fantastic idea and kept us more closer. It made us to contact more often the sisters, mainly when we have some questions and we all  were happy because we could have some contribution.
If you have time, how about start? 
  • invite sisters to bring their favorite recipe (3 types for September like: Soup and Salads. Main Dishes, Vegetable Dishes) and other 3 for October......3 for November.....and in December you, after collection, type and gather all in a CD as gift!
What do you think?

A Call for Recipes

I had promise to made a digital collection with simple and basic American food to people in Spain.(Outside USA, the food are so expensive and they would like some different ones).
Instead I do it by myself, why we all don't do it together?

If you can help me, please:
  •  Send me your favorites simple ones to (
  • I'll copy to a paper and post it 
  • If you like, you download, print and insert into a binder, save in your computer or just let it go!
  • You can send the recipe in any language; English, Portuguese, Spanish are  most needs, but all others are appreciate as well. Our Book is virtual, all sisters can decide by themselves what they want to download
  • Don't forget to indicate for what session your recipe belongs
  • I'm not publishing your e-mail address; just your name and City/Country you live. But, if you want they know your blog/website just let me know that I can publish
  • The topics are: Breads and  Rolls, Soups and Salads, Main Dishes and Desserts
  • We know have lots excellent blogs of cook - difficult to decide what to choose. I could testify how they get lost!
  • I'm working in the cover and  back cover for tomorrow
  • The collection will be great. As I mentioned, all of us can contribute for one good cause - and together!
I'm  so excited to start and counting with you!

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