Sunday, August 7, 2011

Primary Sacrament Meeting Program Suggestion

If I Listen with My Heart
Se Eu Escutar com o Coração
(for paper size 8,5 x 11)
I have a friend who ask me some ideas for the Sacrament Meeting Presentation for "small Primary". I, immediately thought about when the Music was announced (The Friend January 2011) and my suggestion were:
  • Have a Cover Program with the lyrics in the back (link above); work together with the Ward Bulletin representative.
  • Start the Program with one of these youtube videos (that I loved) video 1 or video 2
  • Download the video and ask help with the Priesthood to use the Ward's projector and screen
  • Have the children presentation with their parts and songs
  • End the program with all Congregation singing "If I listen with My Heart"
For sure, all of us will hear His voice with those little angels.

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  1. Didi,
    Ficou lindo!!!
    Já passei para as líderes da minha estaca!!!


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