Monday, September 26, 2011

The "Forget-Me-Not" flower and facts

Picture taken Tilden Park in Berkeley, California
There are many folks about forget-me-not flower. Some facts:

  • Forget-me-not flower in spring.
  • A large number of species that come under the forget-me-not category are native to New Zealand.
  • There exists variation within the genus. However, one similarity that can be noticed is that most of the members of this species have flat blue flowers with five petals growing thickly on stems. They grow in a slightly disorderly fashion.
  • A few European Species were introduced in the temperate regions of America, Asia, and Europe.
  • Forget-me-not is the state flower of the American state of Alaska
  • Forget me not plants can be annual, in the sense that their life last for one year or it can be perennial, in the sense that their life - namely, germination, flowering, and death take more than two years.

 A legend about the origin of the name forget-me-not is as follows: Once a medieval knight and his lady-love were walking beside a river. The knight held a bouquet in his hands. Because of the weight of the armor, he fell into the water. According to the legend, he threw the bouquet at her shouting forget-me-not! 
This wonderful handout was created by  Jocelyn at

The Power of Knowing “Why” - excerpts from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

If We Do Not Doubt - VT October Message handout

If We Do Not Doubt
Se Não Duvidarmos

"You are not forgotten, sister, wherever you are and whatever the circumstances".

President Uchtdorf asked Latter-day Saint women worldwide to not forget five things:
Download here the reminder card

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ensign October 2011 - link

Available for download here

Conference Notes - Insert Pages

Julie, of Denver had request pages for Notes of General Relief Society Meeting to insert in her "Conference Notes binder"! Enjoy it!
Insert pages - Relief Society

YW 37 - The Word of God as a Standard, handout

Gospel Principles and Truths - poster (front / back)
Principios e Verdades do Evangelho - poster (frente / verso)
Worldly Philosophies - poster (front / back)
Filosofias do Mundo - poster (frente / verso)
The Word of God as a Standard, handout
A Palavra de Deus Como Padrão, handout

Friday, September 16, 2011

As a Child of God - Primary song (mp3 version)

JJ, of has the mp3 for "As a Child of God", the new song for the children to learn in 2012 (see page 28 of the Outline booklet).
The link for JJ: here

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Instructions for Curriculum 2012

General Sunday Curriculum for 2012 used in areas where the church is well established.
I'll keep a copy (here)

EFY 2012 Theme poster download

Download poster here
Download screensaver here
My copy of the poster here

Daughters in My Kingdom - About the Book and Download

“We are the Lord's hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children.”

Thomas S. Monson, in Daughters in My Kingdom, page 103
your choices to read the book are here

Easy Blender Rolls

The yummy recipe for your dinner combined with General Relief Society Meeting Broadcast. Enjoy it!
Download here

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The History of Relief Society - September page


2011 October General Conference packets

We are so thankful to Melanie (Sugardoodle) and Angela Roberts (Scriptures4kids) for 2011 October General Conference. Those ladies put their love, effort and care on it. Take opportunity to download what is better for you here.

Thanks ladies, you're awesome!

"This is How I Know" - Lyrics

This is How I Know"
composed by Sally DeFord
 performed by Leilani Toloa Johnson.


Had I seen the leper healed at His command
Had I witnessed wonders wrought by Jesus' hand
Had I heard Him teaching by the peaceful sea
I could not know more surely of His love for me

Had I heard his voice and followed where He led
Had I been among the multitudes He fed
Had I knelt before Him, learning at His feet
I could not know more surely of His love for me

For I have come before the Father's throne in prayer
I have felt in answer sweet assurance there
That Jesus is my Savior, Counselor and Friend
Whose everlasting love redeems my soul from sin

He is strength unto the weary, sight unto the blind
Help in all our trial, Healer of mankind
This is the conviction born within my soul
The Spirit bears Him witness
This is how I know

This is the conviction born within my soul
The Spirit bears Him witness

This is how I know

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2012 Primary Sharing Time

In a recent notice sent to priesthood leaders, the following information was provided: Beginning with the 2012 outline, the July mailing will be discontinued and three copies will be automatically sent to each unit in the annual curriculum order. Primary presidencies will be able to access the 2012 outline under “Primary” in the Serving in the Church section of beginning September 2011.

YW 35 - Handout corrected

I'm so grateful one friend of us  - Sister in Zion - notice me that I post the wrong handout for YW 35 lesson. Please, if you already download it, replace for the right one. I apologize for the mistake!