Monday, October 31, 2011

City Creek Center in Salt Lake ready for us in 2012!

*All pictures credit: Scot Proctor*

With sky bridge, food court, including Cheesecake Factory and multiples dinning opportunities, the City Creek Center is scheduled to open in March 2012, after eight years of construction.
It is a replacing Center in the two blocks that used to house the ZCMI Center and Crossroads Mall and an invitation for those who visit Salt Lake City. It will be a place where people will love gather, eat or just enjoy  and relax through the scenary around .

A view of the temple and Ensign Peak, looking north from the sky bridge.

Multiples entrances

That fountain was designed by the same artist who did the fountains at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

The Lost Purse

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sister Julie B. Beck: Have faith, follow Lord's plan!

Visiting the San Francisco Bay Area Oct. 8-9, Sister Julie B. Beck touched and enriched the lives of the thousands who came to hear her speak in venues filled to capacity across the region.Her compacted two-day schedule included talks in Vacaville, Oakland, Hayward, San Jose, Fremont and Monterey.
She shared messages of encouragement and said that answers for questions as
  • ...." how we can be better mothers, peacemakers, spouses, teachers of scripture and the gospel;
  •  how to fit into the Church when we hadn't had the opportunity to marry or to have children.;
  •  how to balance many roles;
  •  how to help restore virtue in our communities..."
Sister Beck said that the answers to these questions need not come from her. It was her hope that the answers would be found in each ward's Relief Society. Sisters need to ask these questions of one another and together find the solutions they are seeking, she counseled."
Among others suggestions, Sister Beck suggested that women not only find answers in their scriptures, but they should also turn to the recently published book, Daughters in my Kingdom: the History and Work of Relief Society. She said the scriptures give sisters faith, and the new Relief Society history will strengthen their hope.
She also recommended that they turn to the Savior and the Atonement: "The Lord asks us to increase our faith and wait upon the Lord. It takes great faith to follow the Lord's plan for us and do it His way."
It was a wonderful day! Thanks, Sister Beck!

Opportunities to Do Good

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Recursos da Igreja em Português

Algumas modificações estão sendo feitas na Igreja, em termos de divulgação de materiais em outros idiomas que não o Ingles.. Para ajudar a todas nós, estarei postando todos os jornaiszinhos que receber no lado direito do meu blog (sidebar).
Desta forma, voces ficarão informadas com mais antecedência da veiculação atual.
Nos jornaizinhos estão os links originais das matérias publicadas, fontes dos recursos, etc.
Also, após esta primeira publicação, será possivel, também se quiserem, subscreverem direto para a caixa postal de voces - basta seguirem as instruções. 
O primeiro exemplo/modelo, já está no sidebar.
Verifiquem sempre as atualizações e me deixem saber se tiverem alguma dificuldade....
Amostra do jornalzinho
Clique no sidebar (no lado direito do blog) para poder abri-lo

Monday, October 17, 2011

Relief Society, Focus on the "little things" - Reflections cards

Messages from General Relief Society Presidency
General Relief Society Meeting
September 2011
What I Hope

Visiting Teaching October 2011 - Two Thousand Stripling Warriors - Sheet Music and Audio mp3

In the Visiting Teaching October 2011 Message, Sister Beck had illustrate about the 2060 warriors....
Maybe you would like to learn it with your Visiting Teaching companion and afterwards, sing one or two verses when you visit your sisters. How about that? Have you notice how wonderful are the words?  The audio is already available! Go for it! 
Two Thousand Stripling Warriors - mp3
Dois Mil Jovens Guerreiros - mp3
Los dos mil jóvenes guerreros - mp3
My copy of the sheet music also here - Spanish, English, Portuguese

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time Out for Women - A two days event filling our soul!

After driving for 3 1/2 hours approximately, finally we (I and  Jeanette arrive in Reno, NV), to  join Time Out for Women, with the theme: Choose to Become! - anchored in the scripture Mark 9:23 that states:"....that all things are possible to Him that Believeth"

The challenge was: Discover your possibilities! -What new things do you want to experience? What old experiences or skills do you want to relive or improve? Choose to Become was all about to discover how we can be closer to the woman you are meant to be.
The following Presenters, as always, lifted us up with some experiences  in a very and exciting time/ways that  discovering our possibilities is the first step in making our life change. We were exalted to the high status and  by examples of  the power of God's voice from the scriptures, prophets, leaders and apostles.
We was challenged to, by discovering our possibilities, protect us, all around us, reawaken our passion and build the energy and the necessary creativity to change our life.
We had listened: Macy Robison, Virginia H. Pearce, Laurel Christensen, Amanda Dickson, Matt Baldwin, Hilary Weeks, Emily Watts, Anthony Sweat and Kris Belcher and their points were:

  • being best
  • happy and positive attitudes
  • move ahead with opportunity to thinking
  • self love
  • though times never last 
  • positive and faithfuls prayers
  • be anchored in Jesus Christ
I am so thankful for this program/event. Jeannette and I came back to California with an increase of confidence and courage to face our days ahead. For sure, our bucket of love will overflow for all and for everything afterwards; my witness that we belong to the greatest enterprise on this planet, the spreading of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ  and the kingdom of God across the word.

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I don't have any doubt that the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is to rescue, heal  and save those who sincerely reach out to Him as He reaches out to us.
Thanks for all Time Out of Women team! I'm excited for 2011's event and guess what?!?!? One stop in Sacramento, CA - with Seek the Good.