Monday, October 24, 2011

Sister Julie B. Beck: Have faith, follow Lord's plan!

Visiting the San Francisco Bay Area Oct. 8-9, Sister Julie B. Beck touched and enriched the lives of the thousands who came to hear her speak in venues filled to capacity across the region.Her compacted two-day schedule included talks in Vacaville, Oakland, Hayward, San Jose, Fremont and Monterey.
She shared messages of encouragement and said that answers for questions as
  • ...." how we can be better mothers, peacemakers, spouses, teachers of scripture and the gospel;
  •  how to fit into the Church when we hadn't had the opportunity to marry or to have children.;
  •  how to balance many roles;
  •  how to help restore virtue in our communities..."
Sister Beck said that the answers to these questions need not come from her. It was her hope that the answers would be found in each ward's Relief Society. Sisters need to ask these questions of one another and together find the solutions they are seeking, she counseled."
Among others suggestions, Sister Beck suggested that women not only find answers in their scriptures, but they should also turn to the recently published book, Daughters in my Kingdom: the History and Work of Relief Society. She said the scriptures give sisters faith, and the new Relief Society history will strengthen their hope.
She also recommended that they turn to the Savior and the Atonement: "The Lord asks us to increase our faith and wait upon the Lord. It takes great faith to follow the Lord's plan for us and do it His way."
It was a wonderful day! Thanks, Sister Beck!


  1. ai, que inveja! Por apenas alguns meses eu não estava aí!! risos. Bjs e obrigada por compartilhar, Didi!

  2. Querida,
    Realmente, concordo...por poucos meses... Foi uma experiencia gratificante!Fiquei "apaixonada" pela Sister Beck..... Mas, repito outra vez que você é mais que bem vinda para estar conosco outra vez!Didi


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