Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2012 Sociedad de Socorro( Spanish) - Calendario, Binder Covers

Maestras Visitantes
Sociedad de Socorro


  1. I realy like this Clendario and sociedad de socorro, y maestras visitantes.

  2. Didi, did u make a 2012 calendar at a glance?
    English & Español Pls? If you have time. I love
    them. Missionary dinner calendar? Also miss the
    Visiting teaching Calendar at a glance that u
    did before. Thanks for all you do. You are so talented. Muchas Gracias. Hna. Hernandez

  3. AnonymousJune 30, 2012

    Hi Didi:
    I live in Canary island (Spain) I am the relief society president in my branch and I am allways looking for handout and stuff but It´s hard to find it in spanish. I love your page. I am wondering if I could help you with the spanish translation. I really dont know wich program you use to desing.... let me know if you want my help.
    apreciate your work.
    Texenery (

    1. Oh, yes, I would like someone correct me when I am wrong. Normally, I used what I know in Spanish and the Church's translator for Liahona Magazine. But I will ask you some help, for sure! Right now I'm working in some handouts for the RS program and I'll publish pretty soon. Keep you eyes on it, please and let me know. Also, if something else I did not publish in Spanish, just let me know and with your help I can publish, OK? Thanks and thanks for your kindness. (I'll already kept your e-mail address in my contact list). Love, Didi


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