Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seminary Centennial Broadcast Information and Poster download link

English Poster live broadcast download link
English Poster re-broadcast (you can edit the date and timein this interactive pdf)
Portuguese Poster download link
Spanish Poster download link
To commemorate 100 years birthday of Seminary, there will be a worldwide centennial broadcast with President Boyd K. Packer. 

Date/Time: January 22, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. (mountain standard time) with a rebroadcast on January 29. 

Participants: Seminary age youth, parents of youth, ward and stake youth leaders, seminary teachers, and their spouses.

Location :We encourage you to participate in the broadcast at your local church building under the direction of your local leaders. A live stream of the broadcast will also be available for viewing on

Young Women 1 - Lesson 6, handout

Finding Joy Now
Encontrar Alegria Agora
Cómo Encontrar Gozo Ahora

George Albert Smith - Chapter 3, handout

Our Testimony of Jesus Christ
Nosso Testemunho de Jesus Cristo
Nosso Testimonio de Jesucristo

BYU Devotional with Sister Julie B. Back on January 17th

A refuge in these difficult days

Quorums and Relief Societies are meant to be a safety and a refuge in these difficult days and to support and strengthen the identity, roles and responsibilities of Heavenly Father's sons and daughters, said Sister Julie B. Beck on Jan. 17.
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Love Goals to Spice Your Valentine's Day - Card

Some effective love tips to get things going. You still time to add those in your New Year Resolutions List!
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Chocolate Cake, by Juliann Domann

Ought not ye to labor to serve one another? (Mosiah 2:18)

 I was surprise when I read that article written by Juliann Doman. The Doman's are well know in Vacaville for the talents and spirituality they share in all ways they can with others. The article was based on a true story.
January, 2012 The Friend, pag 16
For those who do not subscribe the magazine:
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2.  Church website

Resources for RS and MP 4th Sunday'Teachers - Conference Notebook Gives Readers Look at Conference Highlights

Ensign January 2012, pg 70
The Instructions for Curriculum 2012 - Sunday Quorums and Classes, pg 6  states:

"Fourth Sunday —Teachings for Our Time. Lessons are taught from talks in the most recent general conference issue of the Ensign or Liahona. These talks are also available online (in many languages) at Lessons may be taught by leaders or by quorum, group, or Relief Society teachers. The stake president or bishop selects the talks. The conference issues of the magazines contain further instructions".

A new, regular section of the Liahona and Ensign magazines—Conference Notebook—will help readers study and apply teachings from recent conference addresses given by today's living prophets and apostles. (read the article here

Power of God

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Children’s Lesson Helps

Childrren's Lesson Helps link
Sometimes we need some help to teach Gospel Principles topics to our children at home and at Church as well. We look for this and that , here and there, but the Church has a special URL for this. Did already take a look? The idea is not to make your calling as mom, as teacher difficult, but make it so pleasure that you'll have hard time to decide what idea will be better. The most, or I can say "all" we need is there!

As my friend Dani of Brazil used to say: "Arise  your mouse" , visit the page and enjoy it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Primary Monthly Scriptures and Theme with LDS Blog Train Designs

I have observed how beautiful are the designs from The LDS Blog Train designers.
Why don't give some love to them using their talents to illustrate our handouts and visual aids?
January 2012 LDS Blog Train theme was "Choose The Right". Them, I'll use some "train designs" for the rest of the 2012 Primary Monthly Scriptures and Theme also, indicating the website that those elements belong. I'm starting with the month of June in English, Portuguese and Spanish languages.

elements by

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Choose Christ, Flipchart New Version and Sheet Music

This is a new version for "I Choose Christ" flipchart.
My copy of the sheet music it is at the end of the visual aid.
Feel free to take opportunity and say "thank you" to Sis Van Ry, visiting her pages on Facebook and YouTube Channel and express your love to her.
Download link

Friday, January 6, 2012

Novas Histórias do Livro de Mórmon Ilustradas em Português

Click no "Recursos da Igreja"  para ver essa e outras noticias 

I Choose Christ - 2012 Primary Song, Flipchart

download here
Recently I had published "I Choose Christ", a YouTube video, by Sis Julie Mace Van Ry. I made a flipchart to help Primary leaders to teach that wonderful song, that can be used for 2012 Primary Sharing Time. Sister Van Ry already send me a sheet music, but I'm waiting her permit to post it here or link to where she'll instruct me. Until there, you can appreciate her Primary kids singing again in the clip below, following with the flipchart.
Thanks, Julie!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Livro - Mulheres de Fé nos Últimos Dias, algumas informações

A finalidade da serie destes livros é dstacar a vida inspiradora de mulheres Santos dos Últimos Dias. Incluirão biografias de mulheres SUD nascidas entre 1775 e 1820.

As biografias foram apresentadas por um colaborador e editadas pelo Historiador do Departamento de História da Igreja, Elder Richard E. Turley.

Como por exemplo, as mulheres que são mencionadas no Volume 1, eram da primeira geração Santos dos Últimos Dias que experimentaram desafios característicos de seu dia, incluindo o abandono pela família ou amigos quando eles se filiaram a igreja, a perseguição apos a filiação, as dificuldades de pioneirismo e as constantes mudanças de um local para outro "

Cada capítulo inclui um esboço biográfico e experiências de vida de cada mulher.  Algumas mulheres deixaram escritos poucos ou nenhum para trás, o que tornava difícil para citá-los.

Uma meta para a série foi para caracterizar um grupo diversificado de mulheres, incluindo as bem conhecidas e as desconhecidas. 

Cada  volume vai cobrir um período de tempo de 25 anos. Volume 2 inclui mulheres nascidas entre 1821 e 1845; Volume 3 1846-1870; Volume 4 1871-1895; 5 Fascículo 1896-1920; Volume 6 entre 1921 e 1945 e Volume 7 de 1946-1970.

"Nós convidamos você a participar conosco na celebração do que muitas mulheres Santos dos Últimos Dias, cujas vidas devem ser uma inspiração para os leitores da geração presente e nas gerações vindouras. Esperamos que esses volumes solicitará os leitores a escrever sobre suas próprias vidas e levará a obras mais amplas sobre as mulheres do passado e do presente da fé nos últimos dias. "

(.....esse convite significa - mantenham um registro de suas vidas = escrevam-a  nos seus Diários) 

YW Manual 1 - Lesson 3, handout

Following the Example of Jesus Christ
Seguir o Exemplo de Jesus Cristo
Seguir el ejemplo de Jesucristo

January VT Message - Spanish handout


YW Manual 1 - Lesson 2, handout

Jesus Christ, the Savior
Jesus Cristo, o Salvador
Jesucristo, el Salvador