Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eight Suggestions: Relief Society Sisters Invited to Commemorate 170th Anniversary

Article  By Melissa Merrill, Church News and Events
February 16, 2012 
To honor the 170th anniversary of the organization of the Relief Society, which takes place on March17, 2012,  members f the organization around the world are invited to participate in activities that engage them in the work of Relief Society.

This anniversary is significant, said the Relief Society general presidency, because it follows the publication of Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society, and it presents a natural opportunity for sisters to reinforce in their lives the purposes taught in the book.

The Relief Society presidency has suggested eight possible activities that sisters might participate in. Relief Society  leaders should, under the direction of their local priesthood leaders, determine which best fit the needs of their specific unit.
  1. Organize and encourage sisters to participate in a temple or family history work experience.
  2. Encourage sisters to bring someone back into activity or share the gospel with someone.
  3. Encourage each sister to read and study Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society.
  4. Invite sisters to share personal testimonies.
  5. Invite wards and branches to submit their Relief Society history to their ward or branch clerk.
  6. Encourage the creation of original music, poetry, literature, drama, dance, and other artistic works to commemorate the anniversary.
  7. Organize Relief Society service in the community.
  8. Improve in the ministry of visiting teaching.
For additional details about this invitation, including corresponding text from Daughters in My Kingdom, Handbook 2, and other resources, please visit the  Relief Society section of Serving in the Church on

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