Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting Ready for All Upcoming Meetings and Conferences

For the upcoming General Board Meetings and Conferences,  I think it will be easy (at least for me) if we have just one binder gathering all information in place. It will help for futures consults and for link instruction.
I have some pages for me and for you. Just download them and print some copies for the speakers.The kit includes: (click over the name to open link) 
Hope we can  enjoy all speeches, instruction and training from the Apostles and Leaders and share to all who does not have the same opportunity!                                          


  1. Hi Didi!

    I Love all the helps you provide :) Thanks so much!

    I was unable to download the BYU Women's Conference or Relief Society pages. Is there a different link?

    sis.hancock at

  2. I will send to you by e-mail. Love

  3. Didi,
    Ficou tudo muito lindo!!!
    Fiquei apaixonada!!!
    Super obrigada!!!


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