Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are your plans to make your own road? Watch some advises by Mr. Scott R. Petersen to BYU Students!

Mr. Scott R. Petersen co-founded Apu Solutions, Inc. in 1999. A community leader, Mr. Petersen serves as the faculty advisor to Brigham Young University's Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) chapter, He has a proven track record of founding and growing successful companies. He joined Vance and the executive team of Best Vinyl in December 2002. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Best Vinyl LLC. He serves as a Director of Apu Solutions, Inc. He serves on several boards assisting foundations committed to helping third world countries and other important causes. He is an avid writer and has recently become a published author. He also volunteers as the adjunct faculty advisor to BYU's CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization) chapter. 

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