Friday, May 11, 2012

Friend website new and improved

An example of the new updated Friend magazine "games and activities" web page
In the article published  by  Ryan Morgenegg, Church News staff writer, last Saturday, May 5, 2012, reads:

The Friend magazine website at has been supplying families with young children Church-related content for a few years but recently the site has undergone a significant facelift. "I find the new site to be very user-friendly and a great resource for my children and grandchildren," said Elder Keith R. Edwards of the Seventy. "The Church has developed wonderful material to assist parents in teaching their children and this site puts it at their fingertips."
The updated Friend magazine website is easier to use, contains new content and brings together several resources that will be exciting for children and will help parents and teachers teach them the gospel.
The site is divided into five simple categories for navigation.
1. Scripture stories
2. Videos
3. Games and activities
4. One in a Million
5. I Can Play It!

The videos section of the Friend website features videos that children will enjoy to watch
The site still has all previous content as well as some new features. For example, a new podcast for children called "Bedtime Stories from the Friend" is quite popular. It's a half-hour program that contains stories and music that families can enjoy together.
The addition of 50 American Sign Language videos is also new. The videos feature a Primary-age child who demonstrates the sign language gestures while audio of the song plays in the background. It's a great way for children to learn a new language.
The "I Can Play It" feature is very popular among children and adults. Visitors to the site can download simplified sheet music and accompanying .mp3 files to learn how to play Primary songs. Piano and music teachers can use the materials to teach others how to play Church music.

The new version of the scripture stories website

An example of the new updated Friend magazine "games and activities" web page
Electronic versions of past issues of the Friend magazine dating back to 1971 are also available at the site. Full PDF versions date back to 2001.


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