Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas! I couldn't resist! I need share it with you!

The little kids have their own tree to do with whatever they please!

The original idea came from Johnny In a Dress

How did you attach the tree to the wall?
I actually used little dots of hot glue since the wall is brick. The hot glue peels right off the brick! Other readers have suggested Command Strips or double sided stick tape, but I have not tried these ideas.

How do you get the ornaments to stick to the tree?
Felt sticks to felt!

How much felt did you use to make the tree?
About one yard.
The tree measures 36 inches tall and the base of the tree is 29 inches wide

or another idea to keep little ones out of the "big Christmas Tree


  1. What is the link for the 3D tree that you posted a picture of at the bottom of the page?

    1. Hi Rachael,
      This is a heavy weight cone of felt attached from the star to the bottom by felt (total height 50 cm). I've sewn different scraps of green and brown felt and attached 25 buttons. The decorations are made of felt and they are inspired by images found on web.
      Sorry, there's no pattern or tutorial!

    2. Here is a site with essentially the same cone tree with a tutorial: (Sorry, I can't figure out how to turn it into a link...)

  2. How about using that white roll stuff that sticks to walls, windows ext But can act as a dry erase board too? You could cut out little ornaments from the same roll and they would stick easily. And you can remove the tree easily!


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