Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Pasta"?!?!?! - It is not good just to eat; you can use for Christmas decoration too!

Take a look of my finals ideas for cheap and easy

Christmas projects!

(you can find more and more interesting projects over the internet)

Christmas Pasta Wreath

To make these beautiful wreaths, you will need to have handy different formats and types of pasta, gold spray paint, tape lace, trimmings, hot glue and cut a circle of cardboard to make the base. 
Over the circle begins to glue the pasta, first one side then the other, if you want to give more volume, but it can be pasted on one side too. Glue always layered, trying to give a good shape to the wreath. Use different types of pasta! Painting is the last step. Let it dry!

Enjoy it!

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