Thursday, January 3, 2013

Youth 2013 - Doctrinal Topics & Questions - Jan to Mar

Shannon, of The Red Headed Hostess, had this excellent idea to parents and teachers help the youth answer and share the questions according the 2013 New Curriculum. Hope everyone of us can use it! Thanks, Shannon
You can get the full table here
She says:
"… a note to parents.
The leaders are getting instruction to encourage the youth to teach and testify of these doctrines in class.  In my experience teaching the youth who are most willing to do this are the youth who have already discussed and learned these doctrines and have been put in the position where the Holy Ghost can testify and give them experience in those things.  Therefore, if you stay aware of their topics and can discuss them in the home, your child may be more willing to contribute in the classroom setting with their peers."


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