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Relief Society Birthday Celebration Ideas

Make the birthday celebration something to be enjoyed

For all in the first time........

The Relief Society is a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints organization for women. The Relief Society accepts women who are 18 and older, and younger women who are single mothers or married. The purpose is to give women an official role in the Mormon church, increase faith, instill a sense of charity and strengthen families. Each year, Relief Society women throw birthday parties for the organization


  • A birthday dinner is a chance for all Relief Society women to showcase their kitchen skills. Set it up as a potluck with a theme. You can use picnic food as a theme, or ethnic food, such as Mexican. Make the setting go with the theme. For the picnic theme, place blankets on a sunny, grassy area and place wicker baskets holding the food and utensils on top. For the Mexican theme, play Mexican music and set up colorful decor.


  • Set up a specific theme for a party that extends beyond dinner. If you have an overall Mexican theme, ask the women to dress in brightly colored dresses and play Mexican music. Serve chips and salsa. For a spring feeling, make the celebration all about flowers. Decorate the area with real and fake flowers or host the celebration in a garden. Have all guests participate in creating their own floral arrangements.


    • Tell the guests to come feeling crafty. Ask someone to host a craft-teaching session for the celebration, particularly a craft other women have been expressing an interest in. Someone in your Relief Society group who has been scrapbooking for a while can teach others how to do it. Someone who has a talent for knitting can pass along her knowledge. Instead of just one class, you can also set up a series of classes or have different sections set up in the same room at the same time.

    Talent Show

    • Turn the birthday party into a talent showcase. Set up a stage and ask your guests to bring items they feel will help them with their talent. Get a microphone and speakers for the guests who will choose to sing or recite. Don't vote. Just enjoy the talents and that the women have the courage to show them. Don't pressure anyone to perform.


    • Because being charitable is a major theme in the Relief Society, host a different kind of birthday celebration. Instead of all of the women gathering in one room by themselves, arrange it so the women can go volunteer somewhere. The women can prepare and serve meals for homeless people at a shelter. Hold a bake sale to raise funds for the fire department. Spend time with children at an orphanage or offer free day care for single mothers.

      I'll post some samples  and templates soon.........

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