Monday, June 24, 2013

About The Work of Salvation

With the worldwide LDS missionary force surging due to the recent reduction in age for missionary service, church leaders yesterday spoke via satellite to a global gathering of missionaries and local church officers and members, presenting innovative approaches to missionary work, including the use of the Internet by full-time missionaries in their work and the opening of local meetinghouses to guided tours.
The broadcast was part of the annual training for new mission presidents, numbering 173 this year, more than ever before, gathered this week at the Provo Missionary Training Center for four days of instruction.

“To all the full-time missionaries sharing in this broadcast around the world, we say never again in your entire life are you going to be part of a zone conference this large!” said Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum the Twelve as he conducted the meeting.
“To the many members of the church gathered in innumerable locations, we affirm that ward and stake councils can no longer say of this great army of missionaries, ‘There they go.’ No, the hour is upon us in which we must now say, ‘Here they come.’ All of us must plan for and use this heaven-sent resource in the most productive way possible.”
The number of full-time missionaries worldwide has surged from some 52,000 to an unprecedented 70,274 after last October’s announcement that the age of eligibility for service would be lowered from 19 to 18 for men and from 21 to 19 for women. Fifty-eight new missions were created to accommodate the increase, bringing the total to 405.

"(Elder Perry)...that Internet access and use of digital devices by missionaries will be introduced in phases over the next several months and into next year.
“Of course safety is paramount in this new frontier of missionary work,” Elder Perry said. “Mission presidents will monitor missionaries’ online work to help them remain safe in all they do.”
A complaint often received from people interested in the church is they build up courage to stop by an LDS house of worship only to find it locked and empty, Elder Perry noted. The meetinghouses will now be opened for guided tours by missionaries.

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