Friday, September 6, 2013

New scripture mastery passages announced for LDS Seminaries

This school year, seminary students will notice one more change to their religious education. Church leaders have taken a second look at Seminary scripture mastery passages, modifying the required lists to help prepare youth for future missionary and church service.

Some of the formerly required passages have been replaced with new, others have been modified, and many have remained the same. The Book of Mormon scripture mastery list, which students will study this school year, includes seven new passages and one modified passage. (The previously required Moroni 7:45 has been changed to Moroni 7:45, 47–48.)
The chart above details the revised scripture mastery passages.
Start now to use the new interactive Scripture Mastery Activities site to increase your scriptural knowledge.(Click the links bellow)

Locate the verses by knowing the associated scriptural references
Apply the gospel principles and doctrines taught in the scripture passages.
Memorize the passages
(you will need use your LDS Account)

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