Friday, October 25, 2013

Holidays Crafts! - Nativity by the little ones!

Take opportunity to teach your little kids what Christmas is about while making this cute nativity!
This nativity craft was originally designed to be printed, colored, and glued around toilet paper tubes to make the pieces stand up.  Since then, many readers have discovered that it’s just as good to print the pieces on card stock, and then use tape or staples to make them into a cylinder.
Materials Needed:
  • About 13 Toilet Paper Tubes, or just print the figures on Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick, Tape, or Staples
  • Crayons
  • Download of Nativity Set (link below)

Directions and Tips
  • Print the Nativity Set
  • Color with Crayons
  • Cut out the pieces
  • Attach the pieces to toilet paper tubes with a glue stick, staples, or tape. If you’ve printed them on card stock, just roll them into cylinders and tape or staple. Some of the toilet paper tubes for the shorter figures will have to be cut shorter first. For most of the figures, just glue the bottom even with the bottom of the toilet paper tube and let the heads hang off the top.
A few of the pieces are different- see directions below.
When gluing the angel, cut the bottom line of her wings and let them flap free- don’t put glue on the back of them! Then curl the wings out slightly with your finger.
When gluing the empty stable, just glue each edge to a toilet paper tube half way around
When gluing the palm tree, cut the leaves around the bottom, and let them stand out as well. Don’t put glue on the back of the leaves. 
Download link for the Nativity set here

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