Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wright Words: Your Facebook friends don't care what you had for breakfast

by Jason F. Wright, for Deseret News

......."Clearly, social media has benefits and can be a blessing. Like you and millions of others, I've been able to reconnect with old friends and make many new ones online.

........"Bashing your spouse? Off-limits. Posting pictures that could cause you to lose the job you have or prevent you from getting the job you want? Always a bad idea. Pictures of your cat wearing a sweater and a fake mustache? Super inappropriate.

.....Perhaps before any of us post something online, we should step away from the mouse and ask ourselves a few questions: "Will this embarrass me? Will this embarrass someone else? Is it something that I would comfortably say in front of my spouse? Children? Employer? Is this something my friends will genuinely be interested in?"

Yes, your friends want to see how big your kids are getting.
Yes, your friends are interested in seeing the gorgeous deck you saved a fortune on by building yourself.
Yes, your friends are probably even interested in your favorite Bible verse or inspirational quote.
But no, your Facebook friends don't care what you had for breakfast.

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