Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Latest Updates Make Gospel Library App Easier to Use

 By Ryan Morgenegg, Church News staff writer
Screenshots from the Google Android (left) and the Apple iOS (right) versions of the Gospel Library app. The most recent major updates to the Gospel Library mobile app improves search, navigation, and other key functions that make it easier to study the gospel and access the latest digital content.

In response to user feedback and in an effort to constantly improve a member's digital experience with gospel content, the Church has released major updates to the Apple and Android versions of the Gospel Library mobile app improving search, navigation, and other key functionality.
“The refinements in these updates will significantly improve a person's ability to study the scriptures,” said Elder Christoffel Golden Jr. of the Seventy. “I'm excited about the helpfulness of the new features for users. The Apple version has a much improved search function with a dramatically simplified way of grouping and sorting search results. The Android version now has the same organization of content as the Apple version and the same visual interface design for easier recognition and navigation.”
Recent updates have improved how manuals like “Preach My Gospel” appear on screen.
Church members are encouraged to upgrade to these latest app versions to take advantage of ongoing development improvements. When members upgrade from the latest Android and Apple versions, their notes, highlights, and other personalizations will not be lost. However, users upgrading from the Apple 2.5 version should ensure that their notes are backed up before deleting the 2.5 version by signing in using their LDS Account username and password.
Highlighting, note taking, and cross-referencing improve a user's personal gospel study
For members who feel that using the digital scriptures is too complex, Elder Christoffel Golden Jr. offered some encouraging words: “The Gospel Library app is now easier to use than ever. We hope members of all ages will take advantage of this wonderful tool. We encourage members who are comfortable and familiar with the use and blessings of this technology to take a few minutes and show others how to get started and how to use its helpful features.” 

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