Thursday, March 13, 2014

The 15 Women Who Have Led the Relief Society: A Program for Relief Society Birthday Parties, Written by Heather Farrell

Sister Farrell, from "Women in the Scriptures" wrote a script (in 2010)  highlighting each one of the 15 women who have held the position of "General Relief Society President."

This is a good idea to RS Birthday Party........ (you can update this script "closing" Sister Beck and adding Sister Burton).

Sister Heather, took some of the historical information from an anonymous script called "Emma's Garden Party" and all the Relief Society President's quotes from the book "Faith, Hope and Charity: Inspiration from the Lives of General Relief Society Presidents" by Janet Peterson and LaRene Gaunt. All the quotes are real things that each woman said or wrote during her life time.
She says:
"Each woman had an introduction that included historical information about the time in which she lived and things that happened in the church and in the Relief Society while she was president. Then I had each actress read a quote by the president she was portraying and then she went and sat under her name on the stage. I wasn't in the performance this year because I wanted to watch and it was really a powerful thing to see all those women lined up on the stage. It reminded me that even though our clothes might be different and the world we live in more complex that we are are still all sisters in the gospel and are working towards the same goal."
If you'd like a copy of the script you can access it here. It runs about 35- 40 minutes

Here is the Emma song. You can buy the sheet music here.

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