Friday, June 27, 2014

World Cup: LDS missionaries teach English to Brazilian transportation workers

Missionaries in Salvador, Brazil, utilize their English skills to teach the language to local transportation workers preparing for the World Cup soccer tournament.

Missionaries serving in Brazil during the ongoing 2014 World Cup soccer tournament face some unique opportunities and challenges.
Yes, the excitement and festiveness surrounding the massive event bring crowds of happy people together like few other things can. But the revelry and spectacle that define the month-long tournament is not always conducive with the day-to-day missionary activities — or their sacred gospel message.
Many mission presidents in Brazil have asked their elders and sisters to stay at home during the soccer games. Missionaries are utilizing their down time during World Cup games for personal development. They are brushing up on their teaching and language skills and spending quiet time with the scriptures and other missionary materials.

In the coastal city of Salvador, many missionaries in the Brazil Salvador Mission spent the weeks leading up to the tournament helping the city’s public transportation workers learn English.

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