Saturday, February 21, 2015

Delight Someone with a Paper Shoe

Relief Society Birthday Party or Women's Day! The celebrating dates are coming - delight someone with a paper shoe! I have two samples for your today.
Sample # 1 - (by Ellen Hutson)
To create your own paper shoe (finished size approximately 6 1/2" long x 4" high x 1 3/4" wide):
 1. Download the shoe template.
2. Copy and enlarge template by desired percentage based on shoe size needed.
3. Attach template to cardstock using temporary adhesive.
4. Cut out all individual shoe pieces, following cut lines on template.
5. Score along dotted score line. Tip: Use a dry-embossing stylus for curved lines; place on soft foam pad when scoring curved lines.
6. Clip along back "seam" of shoe, being careful not to clip past score line.
7. Fold each piece along score lines.
8. Apply adhesive along lines as indicated.
9. Assemble in the following order:
A. Attach two shoe body pieces along the back seam.
B. Attach shoe heel base.
C. Attach toe to shoe sole.
D. Attach shoe body to shoe sole front.
E. Attach middle of sole to shoe body.
F. Attach upper sole to shoe body.
 10. Embellish as desired. Following are four ideas, or feel free to come up with your own!
* Add texture to your cardstock using Cuttlebug folders.
* Add texture to your cardstock using flock and glitter.
* Add embellishments to the heels, toes and shoe back using pearls, flowers or ribbon.
* Use a combination of patterned papers with solids, or various patterns together.
 Tip: Use an adhesive that holds well, such as 1/8" width red-liner tape. 
 Fill your paper shoe with truffles, flowers or a simple note of appreciation. Present it to a family member or a special friend-or keep it for yourself!

Sample # 2 -  Treat for a "Sole" Mate
All instructions, template and ideas here

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