Wednesday, February 24, 2016

10 Ways You and Your Family Can Assist the Missionaries in your Area - Quote

President Eyring Rededicates Suva Fiji Temple after Cyclone Winston Strikes

You cannot stop the work of the Lord. You cannot. … That is what is giving the people of Fiji courage. If they can’t come [to the dedication] the temple will be open for them. … I believe the Lord requires of us not a sacrifice of money but a sacrifice of faith. Their faith through this experience taught the people who is in charge.”
The storm passing is the least of the miracles, he said. “The greatest miracle will be the ordinances that will be performed” in the temple. (Elder Adolf J. Johansson, an Area Seventy,)

Latter-day Saints gather outside the Suva Fiji Temple.
 Cyclone Winston made landfall hours before President Henry B. Eyring rededicated the temple on Sunday, February 21.
 Photo by Sarah Jane Weaver.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

LDS Man Administers Priesthood Blessing to Car Crash Victim

LDS Man Administers Priesthood Blessing to Car Crash Victim | LDS Daily: Seconds after a horrible car crash occurred in Ogden, Utah, Danny Paniagua felt he needed to pull over and help. What happened next has quickly gone viral. On Monday, Paniagua posted a photo of the crash along with his account of giving Jessica Bingham a priesthood blessing after her SUV rolled over six times down I-15 …

Monday, February 8, 2016

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The Laborers in the Vineyard

Quick Valentine Ideas for your children!

Valentine Teddy Bear Treat Bag

Lollipop flower 

Materials required: 
1.Red color card 
2.cream color card 
3. Glue
4. Scissors
5. Lollipop candy

Cut off four pieces of red color cards in the heart shape and cut off cream color cards in heart shape the size should be a centimeter less than red cards. Attach cream cards at the center of red cards and glue the corners of the red cards together, You will get flower shape after fixing all, now keep a lollipop candy at the center... Flower shape Lollipop candy craft gift is ready for valentines day now... 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cameo Valentines attached with your February VT Message - re-posting

Using your imagination —and the templates provided here, Create old-fashioned, handmade valentines to present to the most special people in your life and why not the sisters you visit?

1. Using the templates, create stencils by photocopying the shapes onto card stock and cutting them out.

2. Cut varying sizes of ovals from contrasting papers, and layer them as shown, using a glue stick. Add a silhouette cut from paper to complete the valentine. A handwritten message can be placed on the reverse side.

3. Create an envelope for your valentine by tracing the provided template onto card stock. Cut out. Fold the four outer flaps inward, and secure with a glue stick.

4. Attached the February Visiting Teaching Message. If you still don't have, find it here.

Evoking the classic romance of a bygone era, these lovely cameo valentines will deliver heartfelt sentiments to your sisters.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!